Feminine and Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs For Girls

Feminine and Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs For GirlsBird tattoos can be beautiful and feminine on girls as these creatures are naturally beautiful and fascinating. Birds can be meaningful as they are seen as symbol of the spirit and look upon traditionally as mediators between the gods and men.

There are several kinds of birds that can be used as tattoo designs for girls. Here are some of them and the meaning they represent.

Sparrow in the Old Testament is viewed as the symbol of solitude and loneliness while in the New Testament, it is look upon as a representation of lowliness and insignificance. In Greek mythology however, it is linked to the goddess Aphrodite and is associated with fertility. In Japan, sparrow is seen as a symbol of loyalty because of its sociable nature.

Swallow is a symbol for spring, renewed life and fertility. In Africa, it is seen as a symbol of purity while in China, two swallows represent marital happiness.

Dove represents peace, soul innocence, gentleness and purity. Two doves together are seen as symbol of marital love and fidelity.

Feminine and Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs For GirlsSwan can connote trust and submission. In Greek mythology, it is also associated with the goddess Venus.

Feminine and Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs For Girls
Feminine and Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs For Girls

Japanese koizumi Tattoo Designs

Japanese koizumi Tattoo DesignsHis name is Patrick Lafcadio Hearn, but he also has a Japanese name, Koizumi Yakumo. She loves tattoos, lived in Japan, and married a Japanese woman. Old Japanese folklore interested in him, and he writes in English folklore. He is dedicated to preserving the folklore of Japan, who will have lost another. Having been educated in England, France and the United States, he came to Japan in 1890 where he worked as an English teacher in Shimane Prefecture, which lies on the western side of Honshu Island. He also wrote many colorful, the story alive.

The Demand of Tribal Tattoos

Our culture has evolved, and more and more people regardless of gender are starting to develop an appreciation for the art of body tattoos. More and more people are also beginning to want to have their own bodies marked with a specific tattoo design depending on the style you want among the vast styles and designs that are now made available out there for everyone to see and choose from. It can be a Celtic or tribal design.

Tribal tattoos are clearly the most popular and in demand tattoo styles and designs of all. It's a craze that if you take the time to look through tribal tattoo pictures, you'll realize that there are dynamic designs and style that surround the concept. The more popular designs are those of dragon, butterfly, scorpion tribal tattoos among many other options. Currently, there have been an increasing number of people who want to have their bodies tattooed. A lot people are also joining the hype of body art tribal armband tattoo. It is no longer a custom to have tattoos only on parts of the body such as the arms. Now, it is more of a fashion statement and trend. This is probably why there are high chances that there will be an increase in the appreciation for these tattoos year after year.

Using just your imagination, you can think and imagine tribal tattoo designs on your own without really asking for tattoo artists for a format. In fact it has become so popular among a lot of the youth today, that the number of youngsters who like tribal tattoos are almost equal or even greater to those who are middle aged persons. In this way, you probably have an idea of how much people today just adore tribal tattoos so much. Of course, if you are one of those youngsters or adults who plan on having tattoos with tribal designs then you must look through various designs and contemplate well on what design you're going to choose. It is important to remember that these tattoo designs will leave a permanent mark on your body. You can even try and look up on the many designs found all over the internet. There are many websites on tattooing that shows a lot of possible designs and ideas on anything tribal.

Lower back tribal tattoos are really starting to prove itself as a signification of what is "cool." Lower back tattoos have been so popular among the youth since it gives them the feeling of being cool and in once they get one engraved on their body. There are also a diverse number of designs to choose from. You can also try and check out other styles such as celtic design tattoos. Keep your options open since you are choosing a body art that will be with you almost permanently.

Cool and Sexy Tattoo Placements for Girls

Tattoos can make you as attractive as you wish if you choose the right design and right placement. There are several body locations that are very common among girls for tattooing. Most popular places to ink for women are as follows:

The tattoo on the lower back is ranked among the most painful tattoos. Having a tattoo there will make you look more attractive and sexy. This area permits you to display your tattoo when you wish to and also hide it if required. Low rise jeans with a short top are the best wear to display your lower back tattoo. Common designs for this area are angel, sun, butterfly and dolphin.

Ankle is another popular tattoo place and great option for small designs on girls. Ankle tattoos are very feminine and good for working women. It can easily cover up by wearing stockings or socks. Small images for this area can make you cool and the rule for small tattoos is "the simpler, the better". Flowers, butterflies and stars are common designs for ankle.

At present, wrist tattoos are of course one of the hottest trends in the tattoo world.you can put the tattoo on the inner side of your wrist or have it in the form of a bracelet. Tiny images are suitable for this area.

Foot tattoos are another great option for every woman. If you believe that you have ugly feet, then you can make your feet look sexy with a foot tattoo. Putting a tattoo on your foot is extremely painful because there is almost no muscle on your feet. Stars and flowers are cool for this area.

Neck is one of the sexiest areas to ink. Most workplaces don't allow visible tattoos so if you want to put a tattoo on your neck you should notice that neck tattoos are difficult or impossible to cover up. It can be hidden from view if you have long hair, so you can't put your hair up or cut it. The best designs for neck tattoos are stars or small flowers.

Shoulder blade tattoos have higher visibility and at the same time it can be hidden easily. The most favorite designs for this area are flowers and butterflies.

The hip is where the leg bone connects to the rest of the body. Hip tattoos are primarily for females and there are a few men who have tattoos on their hips. If you are going to put a tattoo on your hip keep in mind that it is quite painful. Small fairies, butterflies and flowers work well in this part.

Women Tattoos - Expressing Yourself With Tattoo Art

Women tattoos were at one point in history thought of as a bad thing and were not accepted in the circles of society in those days. Tattoos have always been thought of for men and there were also many negative related aspects to them. However all this has changed over the last few years and they are now looked upon as a way of expressing ones self and as a fashion statement. Tattoos among women have grown to become socially accepted and there are a growing count of celebrity women who are freely getting covered in visible tattoos. It helps women display their devilish streak and or confidence.

There are many younger women these days who have gotten tattoos, and not just for the reason of expressing themselves, but to give them a look that increases their sex appeal. A tattoo which is tattooed in certain places on the body can enhance the appeal of the person and no one knows this more in depth than a woman. The designs drawn up especially for the woman's body are designed with vibrant colors and intricate details that curve with their bodies.

Women prefer to have their tattoos in certain spots on their bodies more than others. One of the most popular spots to get tattoos for women is on the lower-back potion of their bodies. Getting the tattoo-art in this place on the body gives you the option to both show the artwork or to hide it depending on your preference. If your job will not allow you the freedom to proudly display your tattoo, you could cover it up and when it is time to get down with your girlfriend's you can then wear something that displays your sexy tattoo-art on your lower-back area.

The foot and toe is another favorite spot and there are many gorgeous tattoo designs to decide on with the thousands available. Based on your personal likes and wants, you can either get a detailed design or something a little more on the simple side. Tiny wrist tattoos are also very common. You can easily hide this tattoo with a watch or some sort of jewelry. Neck area tattoos are also becoming popular but they are much harder to hide. Apart from these areas women like to get tattooed on their behinds, legs, arms and even breast areas.

There are many websites with tons of cool tattoo designs if you don't know where to look for one. Make sure you get your tattoo art in place that best suits the design and you. There are hundreds of diverse tattoo ideas for women and these can all be altered to your needs. These days women are using tattoos like an accessory that goes with the latest dress, it gives them sex appeal and they love it. A tattoo that's been tattooed properly can truly enhance a woman's beauty.

How To Make Henna Paste At Home From Scratch

Henna paste that is obtainable in the market is made by henna powder. This henna powder originally comes from a plant called "henna". Since it comes from a natural source, it's quite possible to make it right at home!

Making henna paste is not very hard. You only need a few key ingredients. You will tally them up to make a thick paste and your paste will be set and you will be ready to go.

The main ingredients that are needed for making mehndi or henna paste are: Fresh henna powder, coffee, lemon juice, essential oils and your basic sugar.

We should be very wary while selecting henna powder. The powder should be packed and stored appropriately. It should not be very old either. Remember that henna powder is the prime ingredient so you can get best result only by using appropriate henna powder.

In the beginning of it all, boil some coffee (it should be extremely potent, boil it more than usual to make it darker). We will use this coffee to make the paste. Take almost 25 grams of henna paste and add about ¼ cup of lemon juice and add 1 tea spoon of sugar in it. Mix it extremely well to get a thick paste. Now start adding the coffee. Keep adding it until your paste is smooth. Now mix in your essential oils. All these ingredients are very valuable because coffee and essential oils helps to give a darker stain while lemon juice (which is a little acidic in nature) breaks the cellulose in henna leaves and allow the dye to come out. In this way you will get a darker and better henna tattoo.

Mix all these ingredients extremely well. This will make a really thick paste. Make sure that everything is evenly mixed well. Any uneven paste will definitely jam your applicator. If you feel that your henna paste is a bit thicker, then you can add more coffee into it. And if your henna paste is slightly too thin, than you can add some henna powder to the mix as well.

Once you mixed everything, you will get a creamy looking paste. Cover it with whatever plastic wrap you can find and press it against the paste well to discard of all the air. Now store it in a lukewarm place for 6 to 12 hours. After almost 6-12 hours the henna paste will release the dye and it will be ready for you to use.

You can store henna paste for up to two weeks in the refrigerator while it can last for up to two months if stored properly in your freezer. With this step by step guide on how to make henna paste at home. you should be able to start creating your henna artwork in no time. In my next article i will be writing about how to make a henna cone or applicator for your henna paste. I hope you find this article both helpful and useful.

Arm Tattoos for Guys: The Famously Inked

Arm tattoos for guys, both men and boys, have marked them as leaders to be set apart, or as an entrance to a brotherhood. They are also, sometimes, a rite of passage. While in native countries and tropical island communities, the practice of tattooing was a way of life, it took a little longer for it to catch on as mainstream in our modern society. In fact, many of the early tattooed males in America were soldiers who tattooed their platoon seals onto their arms and chests.

Today, times have changed. We have become a modern society where tattoos, though still taboo among some, are celebrated by others. And when it comes to expressing yourself, today's modern men still turn to this tradition of ink. Celebrities are no exception to this rule. Read on to find a few of the arm tattoos for men that are most coveted amongst the tattoo ink crowd.

Pretty Little Liars: Toby Cavanaugh

The teen set loves the creepy-loner-bad boy Toby Cavanaugh, from the Pretty Little Liars series. A tattoo of him has become one of the most sought-after tattoos over the past few months. At first, this set of books was targeted at young women, but as it moved to the small screen teenage boys began to pick up on the trend of lying - and lying so good. "901 - Free At Last" is a diehard fan's dream ink design.

Prison Break: Wentworth Miller

Mapped out as one of the most notorious TV tattoos of all time, Wentworth's tattoo took 8 hours a day to perfect in the makeup chair. It was the character's way out, and has become an icon. These arm tattoos for guys took flight after the first season and many tattoo shops reported a boom in copycat ink designs.

A Team: Mr. T (TV character)

Pity the fool who thinks this guy needs an introduction. Perhaps the most famous tattooed character, Mr. T was, and still is, bigger than life. He's still immortalized in action figures, cartoons and parodies all around the world. Arm tattoos for guys have gone from taboo to mainstream. It's these beloved characters over the years that have helped us to appreciate them for just what they are - character outlines that set us apart, while joining us into one brotherhood of modern man (and the ladies too). Mr. T epitomizes a tough guy, but even under his tattoo ink, he lets the gentleness escape - once in a while.

6 Types Of Japanese Dragon Tattoos To Consider

With its origin among the mythical folklores the Japanese dragon tattoo is a feast to the eyes of all tattoo buffs. Apart from the stunning beauty of these types of tattoos the mystical appearance of a dragon, which is symbolic of prosperity, represents good luck and source of wealth. The Japanese dragons represent the iconic symbol of fearlessness and freedom, both of which are very charismatic and attractive qualities.

Like the Biblical angels the Japanese dragon also carries the symbol of guardian ship. It provides a protective force over all those you is associated with it. Another meaning of the Japanese dragon in Japan is power and strength over the vanquished. It carries the symbol of supernatural power and wisdom in the Japanese society.

The colour assigned to a particular dragon has special meaning. The colour of this mythical creature depends on its parents. For example Green dragons are average and small and represent life and the earth. The black ones signify old age and wisdom. A yellow dragon represents the direction east while the Blue dragon represents west. The Golden dragon which is considered to the King of all dragons represents kindness, wisdom and prowess against all imminent dangers.

Finding the right dragon tattoos for you may be quite a daunting and uphill task. It's best to check free dragon tattoo sites on the net to get an idea of which one shall best represent your needs and correlate with your personality.

A small tip to follow in regards to these dragon tattoos is that it is advisable not to ink a dragon tattoo in an immediately visible area of your skin if you are worried about its exposure in a work environment. As dragon tattoos are very colourful, they often fade away once they are exposed to too much of sunlight.

In this article we shall inform you of the basic six forms of Japanese dragons which may help to select your dragon tattoos.

1. Sui-Riu is the king Dragon is the one who controls the natural forces.

2. Han-Riu the stripped dragon is the biggest dragon in its race.

3. Ri-Riu dragons are a rare breed and have amazing eye sight.

4. Ka-Riu is a brilliant bright red dragon but is a petite compared to the others.

5. Fuku-Riu is the dragon that brings luck and is often found in most of the dragon tattoos.

6. Hai-Riyo is a dragon bird and the most highly evolved dragon in its species. It's mythological land of origin lies in the main land of China and is often known as the Chinese dragon by the Japanese people.

Tattoo Designs - Cross Tattoos As Symbols Of Strength

The cross is one of the most famous symbols of the world. It is an integral part of Western culture and history. It marks one of the first places we go, as babies, when we were baptized, and it marks the last place of rest, when our lives are done. It is a religious symbol - a sign of faith hope and love - but more. For many, it provides comfort, security and strength. Many people have lived through them and died for them.

Above all, it is unconditional love, if a person was willing to give his life for others. In this context speaks of total commitment. It also endurance, as has taken not only the symbol itself over the centuries, but, according to the teachings and philosophy have represented them in spite of persecution, war and do everything to eradicate them. Cross tattoos are symbols of strength and endurance.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Celtic crosses are unique. They are drawn with a circle are the vertical and horizontal arms, or they can use the cross completely pulled into the circle. These designs have been found for several thousand years before the Christian era, but they have a special significance after the death of Christ.

The Celts embellished the basic design by knotwork. This can be created on the cross itself or the cross is a heart of a knotwork design form, drawn with the loops and scrolls to the cross. can represent the never-ending knotwork eternity or God's infinite love. It can also represent our content world of the spirit that was always so much a part of Celtic culture.

Tribal Cross Tattoos

Tribal Cross tattoo designs are usually decorative and often complicated. You can be strong and energetic or drawn fine and delicate. Either way, they retain their character and their strength. The crosses are often the heart of the distinctive tribal scrolls and flourishes. Tribal designs for maximum visual impact. This makes them ideal strength tattoos - not only because they are strong, but because of what look to represent them.

Cross tattoos as souvenirs

Wearing a cross tattoo is a popular way to remember loved ones. It can easily be worn as a cross or a birth date or the date of death or even the name of a person. Perhaps there is a favorite flower or animal you could work with a cross in Fig. Remember love is a source of strength to win. Often this person love, support and comfort that we all need from time to time would have provided.

By wearing cross tattoos, you can make a statement about your faith, or you can force the virtues which they represent, or you can to force the memory of someone you love to gain profit. Whatever the reason you wear them, they can be a symbol of strength.

Popular Sleeve Tattoo Ideas and Tips

One of the most popular types of tattoo is the sleeve tattoo. These tattoos are not just arm tattoos, like what most people know. They are tattoos that look like sleeves because they cover a large area of one part of the body (e.g. an arm or leg) with little or no skin showing.

The designs of sleeve tattoos are very intricate and complicated. Usually, they are colourful and depict several images with some unusual designs or patterns. These are popular among boys, especially those who belong in a rock band. But these days, you will see many girls sporting sleeve tattoos on their arms or legs.

If you are also planning to get a sleeve tattoo for yourself, here are some popular sleeve tattoo ideas.

If you are into Japanese culture, you can combine different popular Japanese tattoos for your sleeve tattoo such as cherry blossoms, kanji or Japanese characters, koi fish, and samurai designs. Old Japanese culture includes ancient tattooing. And what better way to bring that culture back to life than by using Japanese designs for your tattoo.

For females who want to have sleeve tattoos, floral design is a great sleeve tattoo idea. Different styles and patterns of flowers interwoven with leaves and twines can be a very interesting sleeve tattoo design. Flower sleeve tattoos also give you a chance to use bright colors for the flowers. Some nice flower tattoos that you can use for your sleeve tattoos are hibiscus and roses. For the rose tattoo, this can be both feminine and masculine, depending on how it was drawn.

Celtic tattoos usually feature knotworks that are very intricate and detailed. This knotwork covers one whole arm or leg. Some artists can draw animal tattoos using these knotworks. Celtic tattoos usually come in one color but it is up to you if you like to have a colourful celtic tattoo.

One of the most popular sleeve tattoo ideas, especially among young men, is the tribal tattoo. Heavy black lines are one of the most obvious features of a tribal tattoo. The color of the tattoo is black and if you used a colored ink instead, it might seem a little different.

As you probably know, these tattoos are large and their designs or patterns are very complicated. You have to know that the larger and more complicated the tattoo is, the more expensive it will be. You also have to know that a popular artist will more likely ask you for a higher payment.

Do not rush the tattoo artist in finishing his or her job. You should know that drawing a sleeve tattoo is a difficult task to make and may even take several days to finish. You need to go back to the tattoo shop for several sessions.

Sleeve tattoos are nice to have especially if you like the big kind of tattoos that cover one big portion of your arms or legs. However, you should choose carefully which design you want to have for your sleeve tattoo because it cannot be easily hidden if for some reasons you do not like it.

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Red Wings Tattoo Designs

Red Wings Tattoo DesignsAngel wing tattoo designs are not only intended for women. They are most attractive even for men. They mean extraordinarily different from all the tattoo designs, and certainly, wings are definitely a nice figure for tattoos.

An ability to fly is admittedly one of our obsessions. We find flying to be thrilling and exciting. Imagine we fly with the birds and we get to go anywhere we want without the need of vehicle transportation. We can never deny how we envy the creatures that fly freely in the wide blue sky.

Red Wings Tattoo DesignsAngel wings come in different meanings. We can relate it to protection and spirituality. We were made to believe that we have guardian angels that keep us safe from the devil's intentions.

Having angel wings tattoo would sort of give us the feeling of being safe. In relation with spirituality, angel wings are suited since we believe that some of us who had done good things in life would be made angels as we go to the next life.

The battle between good and evil is also a question which type of wing you are getting. If you want to look devilish and strong, you may have a huge red and black wing right on your back. If you choose the good side, a light faded blue wing may do.

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