Arm Tattoos for Guys: The Famously Inked

Arm tattoos for guys, both men and boys, have marked them as leaders to be set apart, or as an entrance to a brotherhood. They are also, sometimes, a rite of passage. While in native countries and tropical island communities, the practice of tattooing was a way of life, it took a little longer for it to catch on as mainstream in our modern society. In fact, many of the early tattooed males in America were soldiers who tattooed their platoon seals onto their arms and chests.

Today, times have changed. We have become a modern society where tattoos, though still taboo among some, are celebrated by others. And when it comes to expressing yourself, today's modern men still turn to this tradition of ink. Celebrities are no exception to this rule. Read on to find a few of the arm tattoos for men that are most coveted amongst the tattoo ink crowd.

Pretty Little Liars: Toby Cavanaugh

The teen set loves the creepy-loner-bad boy Toby Cavanaugh, from the Pretty Little Liars series. A tattoo of him has become one of the most sought-after tattoos over the past few months. At first, this set of books was targeted at young women, but as it moved to the small screen teenage boys began to pick up on the trend of lying - and lying so good. "901 - Free At Last" is a diehard fan's dream ink design.

Prison Break: Wentworth Miller

Mapped out as one of the most notorious TV tattoos of all time, Wentworth's tattoo took 8 hours a day to perfect in the makeup chair. It was the character's way out, and has become an icon. These arm tattoos for guys took flight after the first season and many tattoo shops reported a boom in copycat ink designs.

A Team: Mr. T (TV character)

Pity the fool who thinks this guy needs an introduction. Perhaps the most famous tattooed character, Mr. T was, and still is, bigger than life. He's still immortalized in action figures, cartoons and parodies all around the world. Arm tattoos for guys have gone from taboo to mainstream. It's these beloved characters over the years that have helped us to appreciate them for just what they are - character outlines that set us apart, while joining us into one brotherhood of modern man (and the ladies too). Mr. T epitomizes a tough guy, but even under his tattoo ink, he lets the gentleness escape - once in a while.