How To Make Henna Paste At Home From Scratch

Henna paste that is obtainable in the market is made by henna powder. This henna powder originally comes from a plant called "henna". Since it comes from a natural source, it's quite possible to make it right at home!

Making henna paste is not very hard. You only need a few key ingredients. You will tally them up to make a thick paste and your paste will be set and you will be ready to go.

The main ingredients that are needed for making mehndi or henna paste are: Fresh henna powder, coffee, lemon juice, essential oils and your basic sugar.

We should be very wary while selecting henna powder. The powder should be packed and stored appropriately. It should not be very old either. Remember that henna powder is the prime ingredient so you can get best result only by using appropriate henna powder.

In the beginning of it all, boil some coffee (it should be extremely potent, boil it more than usual to make it darker). We will use this coffee to make the paste. Take almost 25 grams of henna paste and add about ¼ cup of lemon juice and add 1 tea spoon of sugar in it. Mix it extremely well to get a thick paste. Now start adding the coffee. Keep adding it until your paste is smooth. Now mix in your essential oils. All these ingredients are very valuable because coffee and essential oils helps to give a darker stain while lemon juice (which is a little acidic in nature) breaks the cellulose in henna leaves and allow the dye to come out. In this way you will get a darker and better henna tattoo.

Mix all these ingredients extremely well. This will make a really thick paste. Make sure that everything is evenly mixed well. Any uneven paste will definitely jam your applicator. If you feel that your henna paste is a bit thicker, then you can add more coffee into it. And if your henna paste is slightly too thin, than you can add some henna powder to the mix as well.

Once you mixed everything, you will get a creamy looking paste. Cover it with whatever plastic wrap you can find and press it against the paste well to discard of all the air. Now store it in a lukewarm place for 6 to 12 hours. After almost 6-12 hours the henna paste will release the dye and it will be ready for you to use.

You can store henna paste for up to two weeks in the refrigerator while it can last for up to two months if stored properly in your freezer. With this step by step guide on how to make henna paste at home. you should be able to start creating your henna artwork in no time. In my next article i will be writing about how to make a henna cone or applicator for your henna paste. I hope you find this article both helpful and useful.